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Vichy Neovadiol

The skin reacts differently during menopause, and Vichy has developed a special line for this. The menopause is a drastic process that has an impact on the skin, with the Neovadiol line you can protect yourself against this. The products are the first reconstructive care products for tackling skin aging.

The new Vichy Neovadiol Platinum line has recently been launched. Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinium is especially for women aged 60 and over who suffer from sagging skin or notice that their skin is becoming thinner and duller. This line immediately promotes the rosy glow of the skin, gives it strength, vitality and a healthy-looking, rosy-fresh appearance

There is a wide choice of day, night and eye creams and offer support in limiting the loss of density, volume, freshness and shine. Vichy Neovadiol products give your skin a radiant complexion, volume and resilience.