Dry skin

Dry skin

The skin basically has a certain number of lipids. If you happen to be unlucky enough to have too few lipids, there is a good chance that you will suffer from dry skin. The skin may feel tight and flaking is often present. The problem mainly occurs in winter, but older skin is also more sensitive to these symptoms.

What to do?

In addition to good care, it is important that the skin is properly cleansed. Use as little water as possible on the skin and do not use cleaning products with soap. Special cleansing creams without soap are available for dry skin. It is also good to opt for lipid-supplementing body care every day. If necessary, this can even be applied twice a day.

Which products?

It is not easy to choose from the wide range of products that claim to have a beneficial effect on dry skin. And you don't want to change products too much. SkinEffects' golden tip: get good advice so that the product fits seamlessly with your specific skin type.

Our advice: we have had very good experiences with AHAVA, which has launched a wonderful body line for dry skin. Use the Purifying mud soap while showering and the Dermud nourishing body cream over the entire body twice a day. These products contain minerals from the mud of the Dead Sea and improve the suppleness and hydration level of the skin.