Sun allergy

Sun allergy

If your skin becomes irritated when it comes into contact with UV radiation, you may have a sun allergy. How do you recognize it? The skin turns red and blisters or bumps develop. The complaints are often accompanied by itching and a burning sensation (not to be confused with burning of the skin).

What to do?

It is of course best to avoid direct UV radiation. If this is not possible, it is essential to use a good sunscreen with at least factor (SPF) 50. It is also always good to have after sun or a mineral water spray nearby. This gives a cooling effect and soothes the itching.

Which products?

A high factor (SPF) ensures good protection of the skin. SkinEffects' golden tip: when choosing a sunscreen, check whether it also contains a factor against UVA radiation. This is the radiation that causes the allergic reaction on the skin.

Our advice: use Eucerin Sun PLE-protect Gel-Crème SPF50 . This sunscreen is especially for people with a sun allergy. It contains a vegetable antioxidant that, together with UVA protection, strengthens the skin's own protection system. La Roche Posay has a soothing sun protection especially for the face. The Anthelios Sun Intolerance cream SPF 50+ contains the soothing ingredient neurosensin and no perfume, making it very suitable for intolerant skin.