Very sensitive skin

Very sensitive skin

Sensitive skin does not just happen. There is always a reason. The skin is dry, has been in contact with a product to which you appear to be allergic or simply reacts quickly to external stimuli.

What to do?

The name says it all: very sensitive. If you want to use a product, it should be as gentle as possible on your skin. So: no products with ingredients you don't need. Of course, it is always smart to discover why the skin is so sensitive. Sometimes it can be something very simple such as a certain type of detergent.

Which products?

In principle, all products against skin problems can also be used if you have sensitive skin. But, what if you are unlucky enough to have skin that reacts to almost any product? SkinEffects' golden tip: look for products that contain as few ingredients as possible to which the skin can react and still give the skin a pleasant, soft feeling. Our advice: use products from the Toleriane line from La Roche Posay. Even the eye cleansing ampoules from this line can be used by someone with sensitive eyes or even contact lenses. Please note: these ampoules can only be used once after opening!