Eczema Treatment


You don't need to have studied medicine to recognize what eczema is. An itchy rash, red in color in combination with swelling, bumps and/or flakes. There is often contact eczema (irritation due to contact with water and/or soap) or atopic eczema (more or even extreme discomfort at a certain period of the year).

What to do?

As far as personal hygiene is concerned, it is better to take a shower than a bath. Then shower as briefly as possible and preferably not too hot and avoid products with perfume or soap, because these products actually dry out the skin. Another important rule is that you should not scratch. It is tempting, but it only worsens the complaints.

Which products?

Eczema is common and there are therefore many products available. That doesn't make the choice easy. SkinEffects' golden tip: coordinate the cleaning and care products so that they reinforce each other, because then you will get your skin problem under control sooner.

Our advice:

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