The skin condition rosacea is mainly present on the face, especially cheeks and nose. The spots can only be red, but can also be inflammation. Unlike acne, rosacea manifests itself later in life and most commonly in women. Those who suffer from this condition have dilated blood vessels in the face that respond more quickly to external or internal stimuli.

What to do?

The problem with rosacea is that no specific cause can be identified. It is known that various factors in daily life can cause the complaints to worsen. It is therefore important to avoid these stimuli. You should then think about:

  • Spicy/spicy food
  • Hot food
  • Alcohol
  • Vasodilator medication
  • Climate/temperature/UV radiation
  • Stress
  • Hormones
Which products?

If you suffer from rosacea, it is important to opt for daily treatment. SkinEffects' golden tip: even when the sun is deeply hidden behind the clouds, it is good to use a day cream that contains a protection factor (SPF).

Our advice: La Roche Posay has a nice line of products where we mainly refer to the slightly greenish day cream that is available in a light and rich texture with SPF. The green color of the day cream ensures that the redness in the face fades into the background.

For an extra strong effect, you can apply Rosaliac AR serum locally under the day cream. This has a calming effect and it does not contain preservatives, parabens, alcohol, perfume or dyes. Do these products not give the desired effect? Then make an appointment with our skin therapist and discuss the options for treatment.