Hyperpigmentation Spots

Hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation reveals itself through dark, brownish spots on our skin that can arise spontaneously. This is the result of too much melanin produced by hormones and when the skin comes into contact with UV radiation. It is good to know that an excess of melanin can be classified as permanent skin problems.

What to do?

To be sure that it is hyperpigmentation, it is wise to have this diagnosed by your GP or dermatologist. In line with this, you can work with our skin therapist to determine which treatment plan best suits your skin type. Apart from that, it is already good to use a product with a protection factor (SPF) every day. It is also advisable to use additional products to make the pigmentation less noticeable and the skin clearer.

Which products?

Before you go shopping, you should realize that you will never get rid of pigment completely. The golden tip from Huidproducten.nl: today's products help improve the skin and do not worsen pigmentation. Our advice: use Avène products.

Reducing pigmentation through laser treatment

When it is clear that the pigmentation is suitable for laser treatment, we will assess which type of pigment you have and in which skin layer the pigment is located. We adapt our treatment accordingly.

With the Multi-Spot module of the M22 we can effectively reduce pigmentation. The laser light from this device binds to the pigment in the skin. The surrounding skin remains intact. The pulsating laser light beams ensure that excess pigment flakes off after the treatment, making the skin complexion more even. The result is a fresher, more youthful skin appearance. Visit SkinEffects.nl for the options.