Vichy Dercos Hair Care

Vichy Dercos Hair Care has 5 different lines that can combat all hair problems. These are explained for you below.

1. Kera-Solutions : The Solution for damaged hair.

All kinds of external influences change the structure of the hair and reduce the keratin (protein) in the hair. This damages the hair, making it stiff, dull or brittle. Kera-Solutions products use a micro-supplement with pro-Kerotine complex to instantly repair the hair.

2. Energy Solutions : The solution against hair loss.

The products in the Energy line contain Aminexil; the leading cosmetic molecule against hair loss. The hair becomes stronger again from the hair roots to the tips.

3. Densi-Solutions : The solution for fine and thinning hair.

The products in this line provide concentrated care for the scalp that acts on the roots, for visibly stronger and fuller hair.

4. Dercos Anti-Dandruff : The solution against dandruff.

Vichy offers various anti-dandruff care products that are effective from the first use and keep dandruff away for a long time. After using these products, the hair has more shine and is healthier.

5. Dercos Ultra-Soothing Shampoo : The soothing solution for the scalp

These shampoos from Vichy soothe sensitive or reactive scalp. After use, the itching and tingling reduces.