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hannah Remodeling Cream 200ml

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As we get older or when we have scarring due to acne or other skin damage, gravity can take too much of our skin. The volume of the skin decreases due to the reduction of fats, which gives gravity free rein. The hannah Remodeling Cream has been specially developed for use on wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and burns. On the advice of the skin coach, hannah Remodeling Cream is also very suitable for rosacea and eczema. The extremely high percentage of 12% of natural vitamin E ensures the recovery of damaged skin. When using hannah Remodeling Cream on scars and burns, the skin must be closed. The Remodeling Cream is the ideal solution, especially for mature skin, healing scars and dry, eczematous skin.

Are you pregnant? Then apply hannah Remodeling Cream to your stomach every day, because the cream helps reduce the risk of stretch marks! The high concentration of vitamin E also helps with skin recovery for existing stretch marks.

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